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Art on The Fly

Art on the Fly I recently came across some photos of aircraft nose art I painted on C-130 Hercules transports that I flew in my Air Force days. In my twenty-four years in the service I visited [...]

Bring on the Holidays!

“How do you like this one?” “Too sparse, and too small anyway.” “Here’s a nice one.” “Too full, and it would never fit in the space.” “There’s a beauty!” “It is, but it’s much too tall.” This is [...]

About You’re A Winner

Agricultural fairs are popular across the country and no less important in our neck of the woods. Farmers, residents, and children all compete for ribbons, trophies, and bragging rights in [...]

Finding Tractor Mac (s)

When I visit fairs, schools, and tractor shows to sign and sell my books or to do drawing presentations, I am often accompanied by a ‘real’ Tractor Mac.  I am often asked the question, “which [...]

Tractor Mac Learns to Fly!

    My second book in the Tractor Mac series was entitled “Tractor Mac Learns to Fly.”  I have read that if you’re going to write children’s books, you should write about things that you like.  I [...]

Tractor Mac Arrives!

Book of the Month: Tractor Mac Arrives at the Farm I like most of the books I write to have a theme or a lesson.  Usually these are the same lessons my wife and I would try to instill in our boys [...]