About the
Tractor Mac Series

The adventures of Tractor Mac come alive through colorful pictures and engaging stories in a series of children’s books for boys and girls by Billy Steers. Tractor Mac has many friends on the farm that all help him learn about friendship, teamwork, the joy of winning, and how to lose gracefully.

These books for children accurately depict life on the farm through fun and heart-warming stories that are certain to delight the young reader. So come in and meet Tractor Mac who will show you that there is always something new and fun on the farm no matter what the season.


What folks are saying about Tractor Mac

“We purchased a 5 book boxed set seven years ago at the Durham Fair when our daughter was only five months old. She still loves to read these great stories! I am even ordering her a couple of the newer titles.”
-Kimberly F.

“…Ava loves to read to her little brother (Eli). One of his favorite book series, Tractor Mac. Thanks for sharing such wonderful stories :)”
-Jessica S.

“My middle son received these books for Christmas! They are a huge hit, everyone loves them! Thank you!”
-Amy H.

“Adorable book series with great illustration! Pleasure to meet Bill today at Buell’s and thank you for our signed book! I hope to collect them all! 🙂 “
Danielle Y

Fun Facts

Did you know that each book has a character that shows up on every page? Or that Billy Steers hides the names of his family members in his artwork? Next time you read a Tractor Mac book, see if you can find these cleverly hidden items!

Started in 1999, there are now more than a dozen books in the series! Visit our Shop page or your local bookseller to read them all!